W9YB Club Callouts

w9yb.jpgW9YB Club Callout!

Where:  Purdue Memorial Union Building Room 370
(west tower – “our shack”)

When:  Thursday, January 29th, 2015  6:00 PM
What:  A general callout for members of the W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club.

Meet new and interesting people all interested in Amateur (ham) Radio!  W9YB is looking for new members.  You need not be a licensed ham to be a member of the club.  We can also help you with becoming a licensed ham radio op!

If your interested in any of the following then our club has got you covered:

  • Amateur (Ham) Radio
  • RF electronics
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Satellites
  • High Altitude Ballooning
  • Radio Contesting
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • Experimental electronics design and project building
  • Experimental software design and project building

There are a lot of interesting people in the club, and we always have a great time.  Stop in and see us!


73! de W9YB

W9YB Repeater Nets Are Back!

DSC_0013Welcome back from break Students, and Hams!  The Bi-weekly repeater nets are back!  Starting Tuesday, January 20th at 8:00 pm EST.

Grab your HT or tune in while mobile, or from your base station in the house.

These nets are open to everyone in the amateur radio community in the area.

On the nets we discuss W9YB club activities, contests, DX, anything and everything with radio and usually afterwards have some awesome round-table conversations where you can meet and chat with interesting and really cool people!

For the nets we will link both the W9YB 2m and 70cm repeaters using IRLP.

W9YB 2m Repeater:  146.760 – (146.160 input)  PL tone 131.8 Hz
W9YB 70cm Repeater:  444.500 + (449.500 input)  PL tone 131.8 Hz

So get your rig and check into our bi-weekly net!  See the schedule for other net times at http://www.w9yb.org/events/event/

See you on the W9YB repeater net!

73! de W9YB

Merry Christmas from the W9YB gang!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the gang at W9YB PARC!!!


santa radio2

The entire gang will be gone for the Holiday break, but we will resume our net schedule and see you again in 2015!

To all of our supporters, friends, and family have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!!!

ARRL 10m Worldwide Contest

ARRL 10m Worldwide Contest

Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 13-14, 2014)
Friday Dec 12,  7:00 pm local time to Sunday Dec 14, 6:59pm local time.  Location will be the W9YB shack (clubhouse) at the PMU west tower (room 370).  Click HERE for directions (Google maps) and event information.


Come join the gang at W9YB for some great contesting fun on 10m.  10 meters is a great band right now for worldwide DX contacts.  This is a fun contest and we will have experienced contesters on hand to help you make some contacts!

For more information about this contest on the web check ARRL’s website at http://www.arrl.org/10-meter


W9YB.org honored in November CQ magazine!

CQ WW logo_2W9YB’s website at www.w9yb.org has been highlighted and honored in November 2014 edition of CQ magazine!

CQ Amateur Radio magazine is an international publication that was started in 1945 with a large readership among ham radio operators and those interested in the hobby of Amateur Radio.

In the November 2014 edition under the article heading “Why Your Radio Club May Be Dying, and What You Can Do About It”, that starts on page 143, Cory Sickles WA3UVV writes about using the web and social media to promote Amateur Radio clubs.

On page 145, he highlighted the W9YB PARC website and praised the club with the words: “Speaking of amateur radio club Web pages, the classier you make it, the better.  The Internet is a fabulous and natural portal to attract new, young people to your club’s meeting.  The Purdue University ARC website – W9YB – serves as an excellent example.”

As the webmaster, I was flattered and honored to see the article in CQ magazine.  Not to diminish the accolade, I just wanted to say that the site it done with WordPress and I used a color combination that is complementary to our hobby and Purdue University.  My 3 goals are to keep the site easy to navigate, chock full of interesting information, and above all else keep it updated!  That’s really it.  There are a plenty of bad sites on the web and plenty of awesome ones graphically.  But if they aren’t updated or have the proper information, people will not go to them or spend any time looking through your information (or lack thereof).

Again thanks to Corey Sickles WA3UVV for the kind mention in such a great magazine!

73! de Nick N9SJA – W9YB webmaster

Here is a clipping of the actual article from the November 2014 CQ magazine featuring this article. Page 145 at the top.

CQ magazine W9YB nov 2014 pg 145.

2 W9YB Events on Saturday 11/15!

VE-patch2This Saturday, November 15th at 9:00 am we will be holding a VE testing exam session at RAWLS hall at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.  For more information and details, check out our LICENSING PAGE.




NovemberSweepstakesLogoAlso Saturday afternoon, we will be participating in the ARRL 2014 Novemeber Sweepstakes contest.

This contest is a lot of fun with all of the US states participating in the contest as well as Canada and a few other North American regions.  Come to the shack and help us work all sections for a clean sweep!

The contest starts at 4:00 pm (21:00 UTC) and we will operate from our shack, PMU Room 370 West Tower.  Come join us for as long as you would like.  Don’t know anything about contesting?  No worries, we have people that can help you.  Once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy and fun to make contests.

The contest runs from 4:00 pm on Saturday (21:00 UTC) until 9:55 pm on Sunday (02:59 UTC Monday, November 17), so stop by and work some of the contest and help W9YB post a great score!

For more information on the ARRL 2014 November Sweepstakes Contest please see http://www.arrl.org/sweepstakes

73! de W9YB

W9YB Antenna Maintenance

W9YB antenna party 010This past weekend we were fortunate enough to have semi-decent weather in West Lafayette so we decided to do a bit of antenna maintenance, repair and a few additions!

With help from a SOGA grant here at Purdue University, we were able to do a lot of work and replace some faulty old components.  Nearest we can tell, it has been over a decade since the antenna systems here at W9YB were maintained properly.  Some new restrictions and regulations from the university make it a bit more complicated to do the work that needs to be done.  However we were able to meet these new requirements and now have trained personnel for the maintenance of these items.

Here is a brief description of what maintenance work was performed:



  • Replaced the faulty rotator unit with a new Hy-Gain Tailtwister rotor on the 10m/15m beam stack tower.  This rotator has not worked for quite some time and now works beautifully.
  • Replaced the aging, but still operational 20m rotator with a new Hy-Gain Tailtwister rotor.  The old rotor will be rebuilt and saved as a backup.
  • Replaced rotator cables with high quality UV resistant cabling.
  • Repaired the 40m mono-band dipole antenna.
  • Added a new 80m mono-band dipole antenna.
  • Added a new Comet GP-15 6m/2m/70cm vertical antenna for repeaters and or packet radio.
  • Repair of both rotor control boxes (replaced fuses, light bulbs and wiring).
  • Connected each of the shack antennas to an antenna analyzer to examine and tune the antennas.
  • Assembly of a AZ-EL rotor and M2 2m and 70cm satellite antennas for satellite operation.
  • Replaced faulty feedline with new LMR-400 Flex style feedline.


Unfortunately we could not erect the satellite antenna system yet since we had issues with a mounting location.  We will be investigating a better method for that later.

Here are some pictures from the crew working on the antennas, feedlines and other cabling:

Using my trusty RigExpert AA-54 I did analyze each of the antennas and found all antennas to be sound except for the new 80m dipole that will need a bit of work.  We plan on fixing that antenna soon so that we have a capable antenna for 80m, and perhaps erecting another 40m dipole for North/South operation.

Here are some SWR data graphs for the various antennas we have.

A special thanks to all those who helped with their time, expertise, tools, and much more!

Jake – KC9RQT
Gary – NQ9G
Nick – N9SJA
Eugene – KA9NOH
Joe – KD8ZNP
Yuhi “Z” – BI4QXZ
Ann – KC9YMB
Mike – AC9ID
Kyler – KD9AWO


CQ WW SSB DX Contest Oct 24-26

CQ WW logo_2This weekend is the CQ World Wide SSB (Phone) DX Contest.  This is an excellent opportunity to work stations from all over the world on the HF bands.

We will have Extra class operators present, so that you can operate all allocated frequencies if you have your Technician, General, or even no FCC amateur radio license at all!  Before the contest we will have members familiar to contests, go over the exchange (what to say on the radio) and explain how the contest works.

The contest starts on Friday at 8:00 pm (this is actually Sat the 25th 00:00 UTC), and runs through Sunday at 7:59 pm (Sunday Oct, 26th 23:59 UTC).  We plan on operating in shifts and having food and drinks around.  You can stop by and operate for just a few hours, or stay all day if you wish.

W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club has a long and distinguished history in Amateur Radio contesting.  Come be part of this event, and have fun operating!

You can read more here about the CQ WW SSB (phone) 2014 contest.

If you wish to operate in the contest, please contact nicholashyer@gmail.com for more information.


73! de W9YB


W9YB VE Team – License Exam this Saturday, Sept 27th.

VE-patch2This Saturday, September 27 the W9YB PUARC VE Team will be conducting an Amateur Radio license exam session.

The exam sessions will begin at 9:00 am at Rawls Hall Room 2079.  Registration is preferred, but walk-ins are fine as well until 11:00 am.  No additional exams will be started after 11:00am.

To register and for information about the exams, please visit our licensing page.


Please note:  You must bring a valid ID card.  This can be an Indiana state ID card, Drivers License, or your Purdue University ID card.  We cannot administer an exam without ID.

The fee for the exam is $15.00  at this time we only accept cash payments.  We cannot process credit cards, checks, bitcoins, or other forms of payment.

For directions to the testing location please visit the licensing page.

AMET-Areospace Callout

Cametlogo2ome join AMET on projects relating to Rocketry, UAVs, High Altitude Ballooning, and other aerospace releated projects.


Thursday, September 18th, 6:30pm – Stewart Center (STEW) Room 214C

Click HERE to download the callout flyer (PDF)!

baloon1 rocket1 UAV1








  • Lift Mechanics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Nozzle Design
  • Trajectory Simulation


  • RF Communications
  • PCB Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Integration


  • Machining
  • Statics/Dynamics
  • Material Strengths
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Intergration

Public Relations:

  • Web Development
  • Photography/Photographers
  • Social Media
  • Blogger


Questions or if unable to attend please contact:




For more information on AMET please visit  http://www.purdueamet.org/aerospace