The W9YB 2m repeater has been repaired and is back online!

breaking-news-redglobeDATELINE:  West Lafayette, Indiana – Purdue University Campus
Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The W9YB 2m repeater (146.760- PL tone 131.8Hz) has been repaired by our own Tim Miller N9DKI and is back on the air!

A big thanks again to Tim for all his hard work and time maintaining the W9YB repeater systems.





Here is a quick status of the W9YB repeater systems as of 8/20/2014:

  •      2m – 146.760 (PL tone 131.8 Hz) – ONLINE
  •      70cm – 444.500 (PL tone 131.8 Hz) - ONLINE
  •      1 1/4m repeater (no PL tone) – OFFLINE (Possibly a bad transmitter on this one)
  •      6m (PL tone 131.8 Hz) – OFFLINE (This repeater was offline due to a lightning strike.  The antenna was demolished, but a new one has been ordered and will be replaced soon.)


For more information on W9YB repeaters, please see


73! de W9YB

W9YB 2m repeater offline

repeaterThe W9YB 2m repeater is currently offline.  There seems to perhaps be a problem with one of the controller boards or perhaps a faulty cable.  Currently our Repeater and Club Trustee Tim Miller N9DKI is looking at the problem.  More information as is becomes available.

In the meantime, please feel free to use our 70cm repeater at 444.500 MHz with a PL tone of 131.8 Hz.


Congratulations to our examinees!

CongratulationsCongratulations to all of our examinees of our 7/12/2014 testing session!

Everyone who took the test, passed at least one test!  We even had a few people pass both the Technician and General exams in one sitting.

W9YB PARC is now one of the leading locations in the area for Amateur Radio license testing.  And we would like to thank the communities of Tippecanoe county for choosing W9YB PARC for their testing location.

We had 13 examinees take the test.  3 earned their Technician license, 5 earned their general license, and 5 earned their Amateur Extra class license on Saturday 7/12.

Some W9YB members that got their license:

Bob Hunt – N8LWD upgraded to Amateur Extra!  Congratulations Bob!!!!
Cesare Guarinello – KC9YLY upgraded to Amateur Extra!  Congratulations Cesare!!!          


A big thank you to all the VEs and W9YB members that helped with such a great testing session.

Amateur Radio License Exam Session – This Saturday July 12th

VE-patch2This Saturday, July 12 the W9YB PUARC VE Team will be conducting an Amateur Radio license exam session.

The exam sessions will begin at 9:00 am at Rawls Hall Room 2079.  Registration is preferred, but walk-ins are fine as well until 11:00 am.  No additional exams will be started after 11:00am.


To register and for information about the exams, please visit our licensing page.


Please note:  You must bring a valid ID card.  This can be an Indiana state ID card, Drivers License, or your Purdue University ID card.  We cannot administer an exam without ID.


The fee for the exam is $15.00  at this time we only accept cash payments.  We cannot process credit cards, checks, bitcoins, or other forms of payment.


For directions to the testing location please visit the licensing page.


ARRL Field Day 2014

2014_Field_Day_Logo_333_X_220This year W9YB will participate in the ARRL 2014 Field Day.  Field Day is the most popular on-air contest event and tests readiness to operate Amateur Radio in case of an emergency.  It is a super fun contest and a lot of fun as our club will set up in a park (to simulate the ability to setup and operate anywhere) with lots of food, and fresh air!

Here is the who, what, when, and where for W9YB FD 2014:

WHO:  Anyone who would like to operate, learn, setup, or just visit for a fun time!  We will have club members on hand of Amateur Extra Class and will be operating our Field Day station as W9YB.

WHAT:  Field Day is a super fun event and a contest giving us points for the most stations contacted during the event.  There are point multipliers for certain activities, such as operating a station from low power, batteries, solar or other alternative means of power, and extra points for publicity in the media!

WHEN:  Field day is the forth full weekend of June.  For 2014 this will be June 28th and 29th, beginning on 18:00 UTC (2:00 PM our time) on Saturday the 28th and ending at 20:59 UTC (4:59 pm our time).  We will begin setting up at 10:00am on Saturday the 28th, and teardown after 5:00pm on Sunday the 29th.

WHERE:  We will setup at Squirrel Park across from the  Purdue West shopping center, next to married student housing.  You should park your vechicle at the Purdue Village Community Center and walk over to our setup by the shelter.


Field Day is always fun with good friends, good weather, good radios, and of course good propagation!


See you at W9YB Field Day 2014!

W9YB Repeaters – NEW PL TONES

131.8hzIn accordance with the plans of the Indiana Repeater Council.  We here at W9YB PARC must change the PL (CTCSS) tones on our repeaters.  This change will take place on Saturday, June 7th 2014 at about 12:00pm (noon).  Please update your radios with the new PL tones so that you can still access our repeaters.

For more information about the Indiana Repeater council, please see:


W9YB 6m Repeater:  53.190 MHz (-1.00 MHz input)  PL tone 131.8 Hz

W9YB 2m Repeater:  146.760 Mhz (-600 KHz input) PL tone 131.8 Hz

W9YB 1.25m Repeater:  224.960 Mhz (-1.600 MHz input) NO PL TONE

W9YB 70cm Repeater:  444.500 MHz (+5.00 MHz input) PL tone 131.8 Hz

For more information on our repeaters please see:

73! de W9YB


6m Repeater OFFLINE

Lightning_StrikeLast week, we unfortunately had our six meter repeater go offline.

The 6m repeater antenna was struck by lightning.   Tim Miller N9DKI has assessed the damage and will be ordering parts to replace the damaged antenna.

This also caused a brief outage when a Ethernet switch was also damaged that affected our IRLP nodes.  That switch has been replaced and IRLP is functioning  just fine now.

More information to come on the situation with the W9yB 6m repeater.  As soon as there are any updates they will be posed here.



SO-50 Satellite Hunters!

satellite2Tuesday, May 6th was a good evening to try to communicate with the Amateur Radio Satellite SO-50.  Also known as SaudiSat or Saudi-Oscar 50 this small satellite contains an FM transponder that acts as large area repeater.

The mode J FM repeater operates on an uplink frequency of 145.850 MHz (VHF 2m) and the downlink frequency is 436.800 MHz (UHF 70cm).
The repeater is available for all licensed Amateur radio operators to use.  The FM repeater uses a PL tone of 67.0 Hz and also has a 10-minute timer that must be armed using an initial carrier that is 2 seconds long with a PL tone of 74.4 Hz to arm the timer.

We had some basic equipment to communicate with SO-50:

  • An Arrow 2m/70cm hand-held Yagi antenna with 2m/70cm duplexer.
  • A Wouxun KG-UV8D (true dual band) VHF/UHF HT.
  • A smartphone with a Satellite tracking app and compass app.
  • Lots of guys to hold the antenna when your arm got tired.
  • Lots of guys to berate you and tell you that you are doing it wrong. :-)

SO-50trackTo have the maximum success on this short pass of SO-50 we decided to go to the top of the Purdue Grant Street parking garage where we had a relatively non-obscured view to the horizon.  After tuning and adjusting for Doppler shift, we were able to hear the SO-50 satellite, although not very clearly.  With the short time available there is many things to do and keep track of, so we as satellite hunters are sure this is a task whereas practice makes perfect.

SO-50 is one of the easier LEO satellites to work and there are lots of videos on YouTube and the like of Amateurs operating SO-50.

For passes and more information on SO-50, please check AMSAT’s website.

We will definitely be trying this again the next time there is a good pass.  It was a lot of fun even though we were not able to make a contact that evening.

INQP – Indiana QSO Party Results

indiana-flag-loopThanks to everyone who turned out and operated some in the Indiana QSO Party on behalf of W9YB!  Everyone had a great time and we made a quite impressive effort.

With sandwiches, snacks, soda, pizza, and some yummy caramel cupcakes provided by the XYL of N8LWD, we were properly fueled for some great contest action!

We had 3 stations setup in the W9YB shack:  A Yaesu FT-920, a Yaesu FT-857, and KD9AIQ’s IC-817…plus N9SJA brought in his IC-7000.  All rigs were connected to PCs with N1MM as the logging software.


Although we will need for the INQP officials to post the final score, here are the results that W9YB logged and some of the statistics:

  • At the W9YB shack we worked 415 stations.  (396 SSB phone contacts, and 19 CW contacts)
  • Claimed score for the Multi-Op Low Power category is 56,773 points.
  • We had 11 different Amateur operators operate the W9YB’s 4 rigs throughout the day. Thanks to KC9TNQ, KD9BDI, KD2CMJ, and KC0MSV for their support and efforts helping as well.
  • We did have some CW contacts thanks to Damion NG9I and Bob N8LWD.   A total of 19 CW contacts.
  • We worked quite a bit of DX stations thanks to an Italian DX contest going on at the same time as the INQP.
  • N9SJA operated 15m/10m from the top of the Grant St. garage right across from the shack and worked a bunch of DX, including ZM90 a station in Australia.
  • We used HSMM-Broadband Ham Mesh networking to connect the station on top of the Grant St. garage together for logging over Wi-Fi.
  • Damion NG9I worked W1AW/7 on CW and on SSB phone.
  • Gary KD9AIP worked W9JP/100 the INQP bonus station for a nice 50 point bonus!
  • Jeff N9IZ provided an HSMM AP and helped log before unfortunately he was called into work.
  • Mike AC9ID is a newly upgraded Amateur Extra that stopped by to work INQP for a few hours.  Mike passed his Amateur Extra upgrade at the W9YB VE test session on April 26th, 2014.
  • Shruthi KD9DBJ is a newly licensed Technician class Amateur that stopped by to work INQP for a few hours.  Shruthi passed her Technicians class exam at the W9YB VE test session on April 26th, 2014.
  • There was also the 7-state QSO party at the same time as the INQP, so we worked quite a few 7 region stations.
  • Thanks to K9FN and N9FN for operating mobile for W9YB PARC and helping us with our overall club score.
  • We also worked our rivals down at K9IU for some “Old Oaken Bucket” style friendly competition.
  • Dan AC9GT worked the INQP from home for the club, thereby helping our overall club score.

Here is a copy of our log file (in PDF format):  W9YB-INQP-2014-LOG

Thanks again to N9FN and K9FN for their portable ops in the N9FN communications van! Check out some awesome pictures of the communications van at


Now for some awesome pictures from the event!

Everyone had a great time!  Look for W9YB on the bands in future contests.

73! de W9YB

W9YB enters the Indiana QSO party!

indiana-flag-loopThe Indiana QSO Party is happening on Saturday May 3.  This is a funtastic opportunity for anyone new to HF, and or contesting, to gain experience working pileups and doing contest exchanges.  The INQP is a fun, low stress contest, so any experience level/license class is welcome to participate!




Here are the bullet point details:


  • Location: W9YB Shack
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Start time: 12:00 EDT, 3 May 2014 (16:00 UTC)
  • End time: Midnight EDT, 3 May 2014 (04:00 UTC, 4 May 2014)
  • Contest Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters


There WILL be control ops present at General and Extra license levels, so Technician class ops are welcome and encouraged to participate.


For an example of a IN QSO party QSO exchange click here!

The INQP landing page:

The INQP Rules can be found here

The INQP County list for Indiana can be found here:

I’ve put together a small guide for new ops on the contesting exchanges. It’s a 2 pager script that lists the CQ and Pounce scenarios, with exact exchanges for the INQP, so really, you need to know nothing in advance about HF/contesting to participate. I’m not sure if attachements will go out on the list, but I will get printouts for the W9YB stations, and email those who RSVP. This may not be helpful for experienced operators, but if you’re new to HF and contesting, I’ve given examples of how the exchanges will go during the INQP.

Contact Damion Junk NG9I for details <>, and to also let him know that you would like to participate.