W9YB at Dayton Hamvention!

W9YB will be attending the 2016 Dayton Hamvention.  Although unfortunately none of our student members can attend this year, there will be several alumnus members that will be manning the W9YB booth at Dayton Hamvention in the flea market area.

W9YB Purdue Amateur Radio Club will be located in spaces FW2781, FW2782, FW2783, FW2784 in the west flea market area.

If your planning on attending Hamvention this year, stop by and see us!


73! de W9YB

W9YB 70cm DMR repeater outage

antenna-trans-backDue to a possible antenna or feedline issue the W9YB 70cm DMR repeater is offline.  Tim Miller, Trustee for the W9YB repeater systems took the repeater down on Saturday 4/30.


Tim is looking into the problem, but for the time being the repeater is not operational.  Status will be updated here once Tim resolves the issue and puts the repeater back online.

VE-Testing Session – Saturday, Feb 6! GET LICENSED!

VE-patch2W9YB PARC will be administering an Amateur Radio license exam session on Saturday, February 6, 2015.  The testing sessions will begin at 9:00 am and go until 11:00 am.

Location is Rawls Hall, Room 2079 (RAWL 2079)

Registration is preferred.  For more information and to register, please click this link: http://www.w9yb.org/licensing/

Mery Christmas and Happy New Year from W9YB!

santa radio2

Although the W9YB gang is out celebrating the holidays, we will be back in 2016!  For the next two weeks there most likely will not be anyone manning the shack, but give us a shout on the local repeaters to see who is still in town!

W9YB 2m Repeater – 146.760 – (PL 131.8)
W9YB 70cm Repeater – 444.500 + (PL 131.8)
W9YB DMR repeater – 443.600 (MotoTrbo Digital) LOCAL talkgroup

From all of us at W9YB, Merry Christmas and the BEST DX in 2016!


W9YB 220 MHz Repeater is OFFLINE

Homer-DOHWell Murphy will get you every time!  Just 24 hours after my last post bragging about how all 5 of the W9YB repeaters were online and working, our 220 MHz repeater decided to give up its gusto.

The illustrious Tim Miller (N9DKI) sent me an e-mail message informing me of the 220 MHz repeater outage.  He states “All of the RF paths seem OK, the problem seems to be in the audio processing.”

Tim said that he would work on it as soon as he gets some time to do so.

As many friends and members of W9YB know, the old Hamtronics 220 MHz repeater has been hanging on by a thread for years, and we are trying to garner funds to replace it.  It is though the efforts of Tim Miller that it operates most of the time, cobbling bits together to make it work.

Since our 220 MHz repeater doesn’t get too much usage, I doubt that this is any major inconvenience for folks, but we apologize for the outage anyway.

As soon as it comes back online, I will post a message via Twitter, the club e-mail list, and make an updated post here.

For more information about the 220 MHz W9YB repeater and our other repeaters please visit www.w9yb.org/repeater


Thanks and 73!  de Nick N9SJA

W9YB 70cm FM repeater is back on the air!

antenna-trans-backThe W9YB 70cm analog FM repeater is now back on the air!  Back this last summer it was taken down so that we could put online the new extremely popular DMR digital repeater.  Since we only had the one 70cm repeater antenna, that was what was used for the DMR repeater initially.  But we also had a spare 70cm repeater antenna, and things needed moved around at the top of Hawkins a bit.  But over the Thanksgiving break Tim (N9DKI) was able to install the spare 70cm repeater antenna and bring the 70cm 444.500 repeater back on the air.

This repeater is very popular with the student members here at W9YB because the UHF signals work better within the confines of the buildings at Purdue University.  So, if you are looking for us on the air the 70cm anaglog FM repeater is a good place to give a shout out for W9YB club members.

Now that the 70cm analog FM repeater is back, currently all 5 of the W9YB repeaters are operational.




Details about the W9YB 70cm FM repeater:

Output (RX) frequency:  444.500 MHz
Input (TX) frequency:  449.500
PL (CTCSS) Tone:  131.8 Hz

Repeater Make:  Motorola
Repeater Model:  MSF 10000
Output Power: about 60 watts
Effective Radiated Power: about 120 watts

Antenna:  Hustler G7 (gain is approx 6 dBi)
Duplexer: Sinclair SD445-4 (4 cavity)

As of now all 5 of the W9YB repeaters are now online and operational.  For more information about our repeater systems please see www.w9yb.org/repeater.


73! de W9YB

Happy Thanksgiving!


The members of W9YB will be out this week (11/23 – 11/27) but we all wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The shack will be closed, on Friday 11/27.  Some of us may be around, you can try to reach the members that are still in town on the W9YB 2m or W9YB 70cm DMR repeaters.

W9YB 70cm DMR Repeater Back in Service!

antenna-trans-backThe W9YB 70cm DRM Repeater is now back up and fully functional.

I haven’t gotten any details from Tim N9DKI about it yet, so I am not sure about what happened or what the details are, but the DMR repeater is back online and working.


73! de Nick N9SJA and the W9YB gang

W9YB DMR Repeater Down

antenna-trans-backThe W9YB DMR repeater is currently offline due to damage sustained by high winds late last week (Nov 12-13).

We think that the connection between the coax and the antenna may be a problem, but we will not know for sure until further troubleshooting is done.

We are looking at possibly Thursday 11/19 before Tim can get to the top of Hawkins to troubleshoot this issue.

More information will be posted here and on the W9YB Facebook (www.facebook.com/w9ybparc) site as information is found.


We know how popular the W9YB DMR repeater is, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  Please be patient with us while we get it worked out.

Thank you and 73!  W9YB PARC

Upcoming November VE Exam Sessions!

 VE-patch2This month 2 Exam Sessions!
Friday, Nov 13th and Saturday, Nov 14th!


For this month we are actually having two exam sessions.  One on Friday, November 13th starting at 7:00pm and going until 9:00 pm for those that cannot make a Saturday exam.

We will also have the usual exam on Saturday, November 14th starting at 9:00 am until 11:00 am.

For directions to the exam, parking information, and to register, please visit our licensing page.


73! and Good Luck! de W9YB