Fox Hunt!


W9YB is planning a Fox Hunt for Saturday, April 19th.  This exercise in radio direction finding (RDF) is fun and also gives users an insight into how radio direction finding works.

Radio direction finding is used commonly to locate emergency radio location beacons such as EPIRBS (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon) that are on aircraft, boats, or the PRB (personal radio beacon) units that hikers and explorers carry.

Many people involved with the hobby of model aircraft flying use RDF to find their missing model planes if they stray out of range.  Amateur ballonists use RDF techniques to track their downed balloons as well.

The W9YB fox hunt will roughly consist of a hidden transmitter (the fox), and teams of users with directional antennas connected to hand-held radios to search for the hidden transmitter.

The transmitter is a battery operated 150 mW 2m CW beacon transmitter.  The range can go quite far with just the 150 mW signal.  Additionally reflections (signals bouncing off of objects like buildings) make fox hunting challenging and fun.

Here is the plan:

On Friday, April 11th we will plan to build some 2m hand-held yagi directional antennas used in the fox hunt.  We will also build them again on Friday, April 18th as well.  Friday, April 18th can also be used to tweak the design and test your antenna from the week before.  On Friday, April 18th we will also go over the teams and rules for the fox hunt.  The actual fox hunt will be on Saturday, Arpil 19th at 1:00pm.  We will meet at W9YB (PMU #370 – West Tower) and then search for the hidden fox hunter from there.

A simple 2m yagi antenna made of PVC pipe, old tape measures, and a bit of coax.

The “Fox” – small 150 mW 2m CW beacon transmitter.


Everyone is welcome to join the fox hunt, however to transmit (speak to W9YB or other groups via the radios) you will need to have a licensed amateur radio operator present in your group.

For directions to W9YB and dates of time of this and other events, please check our events page.



Purdue Nuclear Engineering – Tour A Nuclear Reactor!

081110-radiation On Thursday April 10th, at 6:00pm Dr. Bean Phd. with Purdue Nuclear Engineering is offering a tour of the research reactor at Purdue University.  We will all meet at the Electrical Engineering building in room #226 at 6:00pm.  Please be prompt.

Cell phones with cameras, and small cameras are allowed on this tour.

The tour will last approximately 60-90 minutes.  A photo ID is required to be on this tour.  Your Purdue University ID card, Indiana Drivers License, and or ID card are fine.

The tour is limited to 20 persons at this time, so you must register for this tour.  Register using the form below:

 Registration for Purdue University Dept. of Nuclear Engineering Reactor Tour

The tour has been booked. No more submissions accepted at this time.


Enjoy the tour and 73! de W9YB


2014-2015 Club Officer Elections


An election will be held for club officers for the 2014-2015 school year.
The election will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2014 at 6:00pm at the W9YB PUARC club shack.




Club officer positions are as follows:

W9YB PUARC Club President
W9YB PUARC Club Vice-President
W9YB PUARC Club Treasurer
W9YB PUARC Club Secretary

Club members that are interested in a position of leadership for W9YB must meet the following criteria:

1.  Applicants must be a Purdue University student.  Sorry, but members that are not students cannot apply.
2.  Applicants must be a member of the W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club (PUARC) in good standing (dues payed).
3.  Applicants must attend the election on Wednesday, April 23rd at the W9YB HQ (The shack) located at the Purdue Memorial Union Building – West Tower (PMU#370)


73 and good luck to any and all applicants for officers of the W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club!



Congratulations to all the examinees who passed their tests at W9YB’s very first testing session on Saturday, March 29th!

We had a very busy testing session and we made a few minor mistakes, but learned a lot as well on how to administer the Amateur Radio licensing exams.  Our next exam will be on 4/26/2014, and I am sure that the lessons we learned will help us with future testing sessions.

There were 6 examinees who earned a General license, 1 Technician license, and 1 Extra class license!

Congratulations to all the new hams who earned their licenses and a big thank you to all of the W9YB VE team members to participated.

A BIG thank you to our VE team coordinator Dan Mizell AC9GT for all that he does to make testing a success!

73! de W9YB


W9YB 1.25m 220Mhz Repeater now working!


Thanks to the efforts of Tim Miller N9DKI, our 1.25m on 224.960Mhz is now operational again.

This repeater is open for public use and has no PL tone.

Details of the W9YB 1.25m 224.960Mhz repeater:

Output Frequency:  224.960
Input Frequency: 223.360
PL Tone: none
Repeater:  Hamtronics REP 200T
Battery Backup: Yes
Power Output: 20-25 watts
ERP: Approx 45 watts
Antenna: Hustler G7 – 220 (approx 7 dBi gain)

Location:  Hawkins Graduate Residence Hall, Purdue University  (40, 25′, 22″ N 86, 54′, 42″ W)

73! W9YB

I <3 DX – DXing on HF Night


“CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX This is W9YB calling CQ DX and standing by…”

Friday, February 21st at 5:00pm at the W9YB shack, our club will have a DX event.  We will get some DX!!!

This event is aimed at the new ham or those that haven’t made a DX contact, or just those that would like to see us contact some other hams from around the world.

Event details (directions and everything else) can be found here.

73 and see you there! de W9YB

Congratulations to the newest group of Hams and Upgrades!


Congratulations to our newest batch of new hams and upgrades!  On Saturday, February 8th the W9YB gang made the trek down to WD9BSA in Indianapolis to take their license exams.



KC0MSV – Upgraded to Extra!
KC9RQT – Upgraded to General!
KD9AIP – Upgraded to General!
W9TTW – Upgraded to Extra!

A big thanks to the WD9BSA VE team or accommodating our crew!

License Examination or Upgrade your License for FREE!


If you would like to take your Amateur Radio test, know others that would like to, or upgrade your current license you can do so for FREE!

Testing will be held at the Golden-Burke Scout Center on the East side of Indianapolis on Saturday, Feb 8th at 9:00 am.

In order to take the exam however you must REGISTER at the following website:

The registration allows them to plan for how many attendees they will have due to limited seating (12-15).
The testing location is at:

Golden-Burke Scout Center
7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Testing will NOT be at Camp Belzer it will be held at the Golden-Burke Scout Center on Fall Creek Rd.

Registration (paperwork) is done 9:00 am – 10:00 am and the testing starts soon after 10am.

Be sure to register on the website first if you plan on attending this testing session!

I hope this information helps as this would be an excellent opportunity to get your license or upgrade.  For FREE!!!

73!  Nick N9SJA

W9YB – ARRL VEC Volunteer Examiner Meeting


On Friday, January 31, 2014 at 5:00pm we will be having a meeting with W9YB club members to discuss becoming VE (Volunteer Examiners) with ARRL VEC.  Becoming a VE will give W9YB the opportunity to administer Amateur Radio license examinations.

Club members that are interested should attend.  Dan Mizell AC9GT will lead the discussion.

The meeting will be at the W9YB shack (PMU#370).  Please click here for the event location and information.

Additional information can also be found at

73! de W9YB

W9YB – New Hams, and Upgraded Licenses!


After a quick change of venue this morning due to the cancellation of VE testing in Frankfort, IN due to the weather, we decided to drive to Watseka, IL to take our tests/upgrades.

Thanks to the Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club of Watseka for accommodating us.

We had 4 people get new licenses, and 4 people upgrade their license.  It was a very successful day.  Soon we will hold another study session for upgrades and new licensees.  Additionally many members will be filing their paperwork this next week to become a VE (Volunteer Examiner), so we will be able to administer tests soon at the W9YB club shack here on campus!  More details on that to come…

Congratulations to all the club members that received their new licenses and upgrades today!

73! de W9YB